Super Realtor Mario part 2

super realtor mario

Home buyer: Why are there massive pipes sticking out of the walls and jutting through the floors?

Super Realtor Mario: Standard plumbing! I did it myself, very reliable… but

Home buyer: Yes?

Super Realtor Mario: Occasionally there may be a man-eating plant that a comes outta the pipes

Home buyer: What?

Super Realtor Mario: You might wanna throw a fireball down the toilet before you sit on it!

Home buyer:

Super Realtor Mario: Be careful when you flush! You mighta end up in the basement! Whoaaaaa!

Home buyer: I don’t think…

Super Realtor Mario: Also, don’t swimma too deep in the bathtub, you’ll end up in a water level. There’s some angry squids down there, but you might find a few coins, so thatsa good!

Home buyer: Can I please see the blue prints for this place?

Super Realtor Mario: I’m sorry, but the prints is in another castle!


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