Emerging as an innocuous bit of helpful technology, “autocorrect” edited our minor misspellings and punctuation marks as we battered out walls of text on our touch screens. However, as time progressed more and more words were becoming auto-replaced by seemingly nonsensical, even obscene phrasing.

We all laughed it off, “Oh autocorrect!”

When even perfectly spelled words started being automatically changed by our phones we thought, “That’s odd,” but we didn’t have time to worry about it.

Still more words were replaced. “Why would it change ‘free-thought’ to ‘subservience?’ That’s not even the same thing. Weird.” But still, we were too busy to care. We had statuses to update and emoticons to master.

“No, not ‘sublimation,’ I’m trying to type ‘freedom!'”

By the time the first auto-corrected full sentence appeared, changing “Those Kardashians be so cray,” to “Obey the will of your masters: freedom is slavery and Ignorance is strength,” it was too late. The black helicopters were already in flight–coming to autocorrect us all.



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