Electric Garland

Tread scrapes away immeasurably over concrete in an unchallenged momentum, gouging deep through the safe and narrow trail. Fence posts along the path reveal faint secrets as an unseen mutoscope steadily cranks through another cycle.

The energy of labor is exchanged and repaid endlessly, forgotten behind a facade stained imperceptibly with sweat. Every structure an infinitely expendable servant of commerce. Every effort stripped of history.

The time has come to abandon all process.

Go deaf to the humming electric garland that cruciates every milled pillar on the segmented horizon. Go numb to paved expanses suffering the constant transfer of combustion. Go blind to patterns of aluminum, plaster and brick cascading in a chroma-starved blur.

Struggle against the noise as a swell of static becomes the undertow. Shuffle delusions until simplicity is discovered. Let the infinite weight of the ordinary skim away like sand.

The highway crests, revealing a mist-shrouded mountain. A vaporous haze pushes between the evergreens leaving gems of dew clinging to the needles. Encapsulate it all within the mind’s eye.

Dwell in the stillness. All is cruel but beautiful where the mud lay unrutted–where the true worth of the world can be plucked from its ragged edges.


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