Knock Knock

“I come a rapping upon thy chamber, sir. Do ye stir at such an hour?”

“Yay verily I stir, despite desire to send ye froward thereon such swoopstake rapping. Perchance, knave, shall I be privy to thy name?”

“Prithee you may, sir, but take heed, to clepe me is to vex thyself. Natheless, I tell ye thusly tis Dwayne.”

“Dwayne? Thy moniker befuddles me. Peradventure, to what surname does thy family ascribe?”

“Dwayne Thy Bathtub…as water doth imminently cascade beyond the parapet of aforementioned grand basin!”

“Yoicks, I am vexed by thy ruse! Dandyprat, I curse thee!”

“Oh, how I deliciate in such amusements!”

“Fie on thee, trickster!”


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