Condensation forming on the hoarfrost.
The sun wavering through fading crystal.
Steadily devouring a legacy of cold,
The strength of a hybridized beast
Pushes it through an unfamiliar domain;
A pristine coat once only marked
By the pink, arterial purity of a fresh kill,
Now reaches permanently brown and grey up
Tensed, muscular limbs.
A genetically strained reminder
Of unheeded warnings,
Of follies hard fought and won,
Halfway around the world.
Meanwhile to the south:
A bubbling creek of pain drowns my will from the knees down.
Lying alone in an uncertainty.
Compromised immunity.
Distracted by the nervous energy,
Of a child clinging to her sick mother.
Her fears borne from a incomprehensible place.
Emotions expressed only tangentially.
Sleep granted only when
All possibilities are exhausted.
And as my vague regrets build and fade,
An unfamiliar domain
Beckons to all of us.


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