The Afterlife: theory 01


In the afterlife you’ll be forced to repeat the events your life. Everything will be sorted by category rather than occurring in chronological order. You’ll proceed alphabetically through a customized list, from “Aardvark appreciation” to “Zima consumption,” until every box has been checked. You’ll peel 6,000 bananas in a row. Change 7,000 diapers. Eat 6,000 hotdogs. Sleep for 9,125 days. Burp for 182 hours. etc. etc.

This is punishment for thinking life is too short.

A Jagged Remnant


A conflagration births a spark
Bursting hot from the source
Glorious in the moment
Burning without remorse

A jagged remnant

Particles end a fervid dance
Torn away from the whole
Separate from meaning
Suffering through the cold

Their fate imminent

Trapped within a frigid spin
The fire of creation
Ignites only to die
Spared pain and elation

Mourn the sentient